Had a most beautiful healing circle with Golden Eagle at the Golden Light Healing Clinic last Wednesday 1st May.
Golden Eagle is asking us to purify the 5 Elements and this day we purified the Fire Element. Golden Eagle then gave us the Sacred Fire Initiation and installed this Sacred Fire in all of our Chakras. We were taken in our Golden Light Bodies to the Spheres of Light for healing and renewal. “Watch the new Creativity arise within you and flow into all aspects of your life” Golden Eagle told us. Next week we’ll be healing the Water Element and our Feeling Life. Such Divine Grace descends on us all. Join us if you like and if you don’t live in Canberra, you can join us in Spirit and we will include you in the Healing Circle and post Golden Eagle’s message the next day on this post. All you need to do is donate at the Paypal site and send me you details and email contact. Many Souls came into the Healing Circel last Wednesday in SPIRIT and the Golden Light Healing Clinic was filled to full capacity. Blessed be…)0( Pati Hueneke