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One of my mentors recently asked us to tell our “after we left school” story… Here is mine… 
Yes I finally left “school” (teaching) at 40 and used to dream that I would never be let out of school 🏫.
Then I went to a different school of Spiritual Development, Herbal Medicine (Dorothy Hall’s College of Naturopathic Herbal Medicine), found my Siddha Yoga Meditation Teacher Gurumayi who gave me the direct experience of my own inner Divine Golden Light (2003), which I then wrote about in my book “Living in the Golden Light “ and grounded the energy in the 38 Golden Light Plant Healing Essences and finally last year the Golden Light Healing Oracle Deck 🌟💫💛
A complete healing package which I want to market not just to my clinic clients, but more widely to the world.🌟💫💫💚
And here YOU are dear ONE.
You have landed on my website today.
What is your Story?
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“Patricia Hueneke you are amazingly authentic and a leader of teaching others to reclaim self. It is definitely not easy, but I know you wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂”
Nell Lol Archer

Psychic Medium

In this lifetime my “spiritual” journey really took off on the 30th September, 1990 when I received Divine Kundalini Shaktipat Initiation from my beloved meditation Master & Siddha Yoga Guru, Swami Chidvilasananda. This profound act of the Descent of Divine Grace changed my life in every possible way. Meditation came easily and naturally. Divine guidance became a daily occurrence. A profound purification and healing process was initiated which has taken me back “home” to my True Divine Nature. Thirty-two years later, I now live in this reality almost constantly. The gifts of healing and teaching about, spiritual intuition and mediumship, past life recollection, intuitive knowlege of herbs and Ayurvedic healing methods, including Pranic Healing, were made know to me through wonderful teachers and 30 years of clinical experience in my Golden Light Healing Clinic here in Canberra.

 In 2003 while staying at my Guru’s Ashram for one month in South Fallsburg, upstate New York, I had the profound and life-changing experience of my own Inner Divine Golden Light Being and a realization that this Golden Divine Light is in everyone and everything and can be made manifest into physical reality. This Golden Light penetrates our physical reality and changes our lives in every possible way. A process of great transformation begins and continues. We start to build our physical Light Body while still here on Earth. This is the Ascended Energy of the Fifth Dimension, which completely changes our Reality as we become aware that we are powerful Co-Ceators of our personal life experiences and Soul Evolution. 

I returned to Canberra with the inspiration to ground this experience and the result was the book LIVING in the GOLDEN LIGHT and the 38 Golden Light Plant Healing Essences. A deep purification on the physical level followed in 2011, 2012 and Spirit now calls me to teach about my experiences.

The Divine Golden Light continues to expand in and around me as I am following this Divine calling. The Universal Forces of Love and Light assist me in this life mission. I invite YOU to join me on this journey of self discovery and spiritual development and Soul Evolution. Your will be empowered to create miracles of healing and abundance in your life. 

Since January 2016 I have also been working with Crystal Light/Colour/Sound Healing here at the Golden Light Healing Centre in Canberra and holding Circles of Light Healing events online which offer profound healing on every level. I look forward to continuing my healing journey in 2022 and beyond, and to assisting you in your personal healing journey to the Experience of your own inner Divine Golden Light and new Consciousness.

With Great Love and Golden Light H​ealing Blessings

Pati Hueneke <3