The Golden Light Essences


1. Alfalfa

I reconnect you to the Great Cycle of Time.

2. Burdock   

I remove the mask and show you your Self.

3. Chamomile

I calm any battle of wills and soothe digestion.

4. Comfrey

I unite. I make whole.

5. Damask Rose

Come into the inner cave of your own heart .

6. Elderflower

Fairy Magic. “The complete medicine chest.”

7. Fenugreek

I bring increased nutrition to all cells.

8. Gardenia

I activate intuition

9. Gentian

I dispel doubt. I bring certainty.

10. Golden Seal

I give you renewed faith in your Divinity.

11. Hops

I turn shame into honour.

12. Hypericum

I heal nerve pain and bring in White Light.

13. Hyssop

I turn guilt into forgiveness.

14. Iris

I reconnect you to the rainbow bridge….

15.  Kelp

Help I need some kelp. Source energy.

16. Lavender

I remove karmic blockages to spiritual growth

17. Lemon Balm   

I lift your spirits.

18. Lotus  

Jewel of Enlightenment. I bring purity.

19. Mary’s Thistle  

I heal the liver and bring JOY.

20. Meadowsweet

I turn remorse into sweetness.

21. Mistletoe

I help you contact the Dreaming for healing.

22. Mugwort  

I calm the moon energy.

23. Oats

I help you get into action.

24. Passionflower

I calm the passions.

25. Peony

I spiritualize sexual love

26. Plantain

I get your feet moving – into Bliss.

27. Red Clover

I bring Luck. I cleanse the lymph.

28. Rosemary

I reveal the mysteries of the Divine feminine.

29. Sarsaparilla

I bring balance to hormones

30. Skullcap

I give stamina to your spinal nerves.

31. Sunflower  

I balance the solar plexus

32. Valerian  

All heal. I bring health to nerves and liver.

33. Vervain  

I bring peace, devotion and grace

34. Violet Leaf

I calm anxiety

35. Yarrow

I heal the deepest wound of the heart.

36. Yellow Dock

I heal the heat of rancour from the liver.

37. Ginger   

I increase the fire energy of the digestion

38. Marshmallow

I soften and draw out cellular toxins.

You may use this list as a guide to choose an essence to use for personal healing when you feel the need. Take 5 drops 2x day of the 25 ml dosage Golden Light Essence chosen till you finish the bottle.