Create your Abundant Golden Life 5 week (+) Online Program (Join the Waitlist)


Create a new life of abundance as you awaken and expand your Divine Inner Golden Heart Light and Identify more and more with this Superconscious Power which is available to us all.

Pati Solva Hueneke describes her personal journey, experience and power of this awakened Golden Light to totally transform your life in her book “Living in the Golden Light” – “I have been guided by Spirit to bring this Divine Golden Light Alchemy of Abundance to you in this online Program.”


We meet Wednesdays at 7.30pm – 9 pm each for 5 weeks in Zoom (or on the REPLAY) and on our private FB Group.

🌟Join the Wait List for the Next 5 week  (+5) Program by emailing Pati at 

Each week we will go deeper into this Golden Light Journey of Empowerment and Abundance Creation.

You decide your heartfelt intention and what you would like to create in your life at this time.

We work with your personal intention and inner heartfelt guidance.

Here are the FIVE STEPS which we will explore –

1. Awakening to your own Inner Golden Light Higher Self.

2. Setting your Abundance Intention and sitting in your Golden Light Power.

3. Clearing any resistance- emotional, mental, spiritual, physical that you are ready to release on a Soul level at this time.

4. Transform your personal life experience as you identify more and more with your own emerging Golden Light Being as the Truth of who you really are.

5. Create your abundant Golden Life from this new reality as we explore this further in personal support and follow up with Pati Hueneke on a 1:1 basis over  5 more weeks following the Program.

I will be your Personal Guide during this time to answer all your questions and help you take the next steps on your new life journey.

Pati will guide you on this journey of Divine Golden Alchemy and ground you in this experience, using energy healing, plant healing, guided meditations, visualisations, her Golden Light Healing Oracle Deck, and connect you to your personal Golden Light Angel Guide.

“I have been working with this Golden Light Healing Energy for over 20 years now in my Golden Light Energy Healing Centre here in Canberra Australia and witnessed a mazing healing of chronic health issues, karmic spiritual/ soul issues and personal transformations. You then enter the flow of life and your natural state of abundance easily”.

Your total investment for this Program is $750 which can be paid in one instalment to secure your place ASAP or a deposit now of $250 and a payment plan agreement to suit you. eg 2 monthly payments of $250.

Are you called to join us in our next round ?

Let’s chat further …….text me Pati Hueneke 0431606940 to book your personal discovery call.


  • PATI’S Book “Living in the Golden Light”
  • The Golden Light Plant/Elemental Healing 44 card Oracle Deck
  • Your Personal 50 ml Golden Light Plant Karmic Release Essences


Hope to see you in this exciting, transformative Program with Golden Light Healing Blessings – Pati Solva Hueneke